Your resume portrays the overview of your education, skills, accomplishments and experiences you've had in the past. A decent resume is very significant to convey your true personality to the employer. Good companies cannot afford to spend time, meeting all the applicants personally, therefore, they prefer a written resume, which can be screened within seconds. The one with an outstanding resume, out stands the crowd.

Still wondering why an effective resume holds great deal of importance in the corporate world? Let's find out:

  1. First impression: Needless to say, as we all know, 'First impression is the last impression’. The quality of your resume makes your foremost impression as it reaches the employer's desk way before you do. It is enough to determine whether a worthy employer will consider you for further rounds of recruitment, or not. If it, in the first instance, appears that you're incompetent, but, later you prove to be competent, it won't matter as the employer would've already made his mind regarding your incompetency.
  2. Stand out the crowd: What advantage would even an extremely good Resume possess, if it goes unnoticed? Recruiters have to pick out only a few, out of an entire bulk of resumes they receive, and that too, within limited time. It is, therefore, very important to make yours’ shine out brightly. Beginning the resume with a short summary about yourself, arranging the points in chronological order, highlighting the major achievements, etc are some tips which could help you get a noticeable resume.
  3. Advertise yourself as a brand: Successful resumes don't just tell about you. They sell you as a complete product in itself. This is of utmost importance as the employer should be made aware of the specialities you possess, in order to be chosen, from among all the other candidates. Resume shows your worth to the hirer, so, you have to make sure that it carries an appealing list of strengths and positions of responsibility.
  4. Receive an interview call: The first round in any recruitment process, is the Resume screening process which eliminates more than 50% of the applicants in a jiffy. A brief, yet informative resume, with proper usage of keywords for work experiences is more likely to grab an interview, than the less effecient ones. Even in the interview, the interviewer, at times, asks for your resume and questions the points mentioned thereupon .
  5. Showcase your skills: Corporate world no longer demands a list of your activities or achievements. What it wants to know, is the particular skill sets you've imbibed in yourself through the process of doing those activities. Thus, a good resume which advocates your skills in an efficient manner can prove to be a boon to your job search.
  6. Valuable insights: More than you, your resume speaks about you. It provides your personal details, educational background, interest areas, achievements, co-curriculurs and a lot more. The recruiter forms an image as to whom he's gonna meet for the interview, just by going through the resume. So, make sure you abide by the details mentioned therein.

Looking upon the essentials of having an attractive resume, one must not hesitate to take professional help or making use of pre-available tools for getting theirs made.