So, it’s 7 o’ clock. Your shift has finally come to an end. But you are already dreading having to come to your office the next day. You are longing to switch careers but have so much to consider before taking the leap, and maybe you are not even sure if you are ready for this change. Most of us have felt like this at least once in our lives.
Following are some things you need to do when you think you are on the wrong career path:

Be sure of what you hate: Your job or Your career field
In many cases, people don’t hate what they are doing. Rather, they don’t like their bosses or the environment they work in. Perhaps, you would enjoy doing the same work but for a different target audience. Try to figure out the exact reason for your discontentment. If it is your surroundings that make you unhappy, then it is time to look for new jobs.

Notice what you like doing the most
When someone asks you, what is it that you like doing the most, you do some deep thinking only to realise that there isn’t any. Or, is it really true? We all are good at some things. Noticing what you like to talk about the most or what people usually come to you for can provide a sheer amount of help when you are having such doubts. Even if you tried something new but didn’t like it, you are learning something that other people stuck in their jobs for 10 or maybe 15 years aren’t, and who knows in what way it may help you in the future.

Be brave to follow your passion
If you are passionate about doing something, then do it. No good will come out from staying in a job that leaves you unhappy and frustrated. Some of us are too scared to follow our dreams because these are not conventional ones, and it may take a lot of time to reach where we want to in that career. Or, our parents don’t approve of it. But, fighting for your dreams is much better than leading a miserable life. Remember, it is only hard in the beginning.

Talk to people pursuing things you are interested in
If you have found the occupations you are interested in, you should talk to people who are pursuing similar jobs because it helps you get great insight on that subject. It gives you an idea of what the job is like in a real-world scenario. Not only you will gain a great network of like-minded people, but also learn a lot about the required skills.

Look for skills from previous jobs that are useful in the new job
Even if you couldn’t show much productivity in your last job, there must be some skills that you learned from your old profession. Compare the skills that are required in the profession you like with those you were working on in your previous job. It is highly likely that you’ll find some commonalities. It will help you explain better that you are capable to bring value to the company.

There are plenty of different kinds of jobs out there. Even if it did not work out well for you the first time (or few more times after that), you will surely find something that makes you happy and in which you can exercise your full potential. It can be a tough journey, but Resumod is always there to guide you on your way.

This post was first published on the Resumod Blog